Everyone knows and loves the moon. Pigs, puffins and probably even potato peelers know the moon too. Most of us think the moon is just a silvery glowing object seen in the night sky, yet who would ever have thought the moon was in fact teeming with life.

Observations and visits from Earth have only been able to establish that the moon appears to be lifeless. Between 1969 and 1972 twelve astronauts walked on the surface of the moon – not all at once but in groups of two, over six missions. The world watched, transfixed, as black and white TV footage was beamed back to Earth, of astronauts floundering around in clumsy spacesuits picking up rocks…. often comically falling over in a flurry of moon dust!

Then, and for no apparent reason, the visits to the moon stopped. Interest in the moon seemed to have faded. Is it possible the astronauts saw, or even met some MoonAliens, then kept quiet about it? Perhaps the astronauts did mention it to someone, but were just given plenty of extra medication to help calm their troubled minds, who knows? Incredibly, that was fifty years ago….

Could the moon be hollow?

Just about every alien race in the universe knows the moon has hollow regions within its interior, all except the creatures who live on the blue planet next to the moon…. yes, that’s us. In recent years, there has been some interest and a lot of talk about going back to the moon. Some scientists now go along with the hollow moon idea, yet it is still believed there is no life whatsoever on the moon…. and there definitely isn’t. It’s all happily hidden away, IN THE MOON !

Deep inside the moon, there is an enormous cavern housing a lush and exotic “world”. The cavern contains nine distinct moon zone environments, with habitats similar to those found on Earth. For example, Snozzamook is similar to the swampy regions of the Everglades in the USA, Dweejikk is like the Sahara Desert in Africa and Glookazook is quite like the United Kingdom’s Lake District but without all the tourists thankfully.

So…. who are the MoonAliens?

The first MoonAliens came from a distant planet called Breggnish Kloob, a gas giant similar to our Jupiter, suffering from a slow puncture and gradually shrinking over the centuries. It will one day be even smaller than its three stupid moons; Blethoe, Skibloe and Smeethoe.

Our moon is now a secret home to hundreds of the universe’s misfits and oddballs. MoonAliens use the moon as a place to go for some peace and quiet, indulge in their hobbies and eat jelly all day long if they choose with their weird friends. Some MoonAliens spend most of their lives there, whilst others use the moon as a short stay holiday resort.

It may seem all is well and happy inside the moon and most of the time it is, yet recently something has changed. Some MoonAliens, and it’s tempting to name and shame them, are secretly scheming and plotting, and up to no good….
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